Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog. I want to start with a confession: I’ve started lots of blogs and writing projects that have fizzled out and not gone anywhere. With this blog, I aim to take an intentional approach and create a venue for myself (and possibly others) to publish and connect with a wider audience than I have in the past. I view this as an important part of my own professional growth and a fun opportunity.

Who is the audience for this blog? I want to reach teachers who are engaging with technology (which is basically 100% of teachers these days). Last year I attended a quite good presentation on teacher and faculty attitudes towards technology by Dr. Leslie Madsen-Brooks from Boise State, which used swimming as a metaphor. From toe-dippers and┬álap-swimmers, to deep sea explorers, to the very adventurous┬ásouls who leap in without looking – attitudes, experience, and prowess vary widely. I want this to be a blog to be a place any teacher, tutor or trainer can find something to learn from and engage with.


Each represents a teacher’s relationship with technology in the classroom. Which are you?